Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

365 days category and daily puzzles.

Starting with version 5.0.4 all your monthly packs can be easily found in one place - in a new category 365 days!


The packs are displayed as a timeline. Just scroll the timeline to the pack you need to find.


Now in a monthly pack you can see two pictures for each day: one is a regular free picture and another one is extra. An extra picture can be opened only after a free picture of the day is solved.

You can open extra puzzles in the following ways:

- watch an ad 
- unlock all the extra puzzles in the pack for $2.99

Please note if there are no ads available at the moment, you may unlock an extra puzzle for 100 coins.


In order to access a puzzle you finished before just click on it:




  • Avatar

    How are you dealing with the 365 blank screen issue and when. Transferred to new tablet cannot open 365 items and am not getting the removal of adds ,extra backgrounds or th aSend fix now.bility to creat puzzle from my photos.

  • Avatar
    Tara Vest

    I'm still not able to open my 365 day puzzle pack? It's just a blank screen?

  • Avatar
    Heinrich Seiffert

    I completed two monthly pack and I do not receive experience points...

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Malatin

    Really has nothing to do with that I guess but are you ever going to fix it to where you don't have to spend a hundred coins to do the second puzzle of the day that would be nice cuz I'm not going to do the puzzles of the week or the month if I have to spend a hundred coins to do the second

  • Avatar
    Deborah Polk

    Unable to download 365 puzzles. Only seeing a blank screen.

  • Avatar
    Anita M

    I can't get my other months in

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