Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

The app is taking up much storage on my device

If the app takes up much storage on your device, please try to reinstall the app. Please make sure that you are registered in the app before reinstallation. You can check this on the Account page in the app. settings.png account.png

Unfortunately, if you are not registered in the app, your game progress (coins, level, packs) may be lost.

Please note that after app reinstallation, the started, created, and downloaded from the Club puzzles can't be restored, unfortunately. Progress in missions and the emerald card will be reset.

To restore your Magic Puzzles account after reinstallation:

- Tap on the Settings icon in the upper right corner settings.png

- Select Account account.png

- Choose the login option and enter your data


As soon as you log in correctly, your coins and level will appear.

Puzzle packs can be restored from the Shop 2021-05-25_-_Copy__2_.png, the My packs category. Screenshot_20220609-163212_Magic_Puzzles_-_Copy.jpg


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