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How do I create puzzles from my own pictures?

The ability to create your own puzzles is included into Magic Puzzles VIP. Please follow the link to learn more: Magic-Puzzles-VIP

Press the camera symbol - My photos 


and choose any picture from your Gallery 


or take a new picture with your camera.


 You can also create and publish your photos for free using Jigsaw-Puzzle-Feed


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    How do I get back to the puzzle. Not to user friendly.

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    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    Birdie, if you mean puzzle packs - please tap on the puzzle piece icon

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    William Bryan

    I had to do a factory reset on my tablet to start all over again and I found and restored all my puzzle packs but I can't use the feature of using my downloaded pictures without paying again, do I really have to pay again?

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    Riki Temple

    Are my picture puzzles free

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    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    William Bryan, Please update the app up to v.3.9.6 (164)

    Please first make sure that you are logged in on your device with the same Google account in Google Play Store you used for purchase and that you are authorized and logged in under your Facebook account in the app (if you have one).

    You need to start the app, tap on your name -> Packs -> Restore paid downloads button.

    Then please wait for 2-3 minutes and reboot your device.

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    rosalie sharkey

    Paid to make my own puzzles but now they want me to pay again to use it. What can I do to regain the use of this function?

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    ann fox

    none of my pictures ever get public viewing says friends only why

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    Paul Rosengarten

    I have the same problem.
    10 pictures uploaded, but none visible for other people.
    Only visible for myself.
    Maybe we had to blame the last update wich is released on march 25, version 5.3.8,

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    I was told that i could create free puzzles using my own pictures, after i pick one from my gallery, my only option is to buy a vip package......

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