Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

What are stars (levels) for?

Stars help you advance in level. The star is filling in with every solved puzzle.


What level you are at shows the number next to the star. Currently the highest level in the app is 400.


You may tap on the Level Star to see how many stars remain until the next level.


For reaching new levels you receive rewards.

With every odd level achievement you receive coins and with every even level achievement you receive a free pack that can be downloaded from the Packs for stars category in the Puzzle Shop.

To find it please open the app, open the Puzzle Shop:


In the bottom left corner you'll see a Categories button (three horizontal lines). Tap it and scroll down to the Packs for Stars category.



  • Avatar
    Pamela Kolstad

    Can't get free packs or an other packs to download . Help

  • Avatar
    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    Dear Pamela, please contact us via email -
    Our Support Team will help you.

  • Avatar
    LaNae Keating

    I have updated the app and still do not have 4 levels for my puzzles. Please advise

  • Avatar
    Patricia Smallwood

    It wont let me go to the page to get more puzzles please help

  • Avatar
    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    Patricia Smallwood please contact us via email -
    Our Support Team will help you.

  • Avatar
    Jean Clark

    FYI to other puzzlers: It takes 80 points to complete a star.

  • Avatar

    What is the blue lighting bold for

  • Avatar

    Why do I have +5 (lightning) credits one time I sign on and without working any puzzles in between, have 0 on my next visit?

  • Avatar
    kat mcmain

    When will the star levels start back up? Mine has been on 250 for a while.

  • Avatar
    karen coe

    I had paid for ad free playing how do I get that credit back?

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