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How do I send logs?

Dear Friends!


In order to send logs, please tap on the Settings button in the right upper corner -> About ->


Tap on the envelope icon.


Choose the Gmail to send a message. Logs will be attached automatically.

Add the short description of the problem (or copy it if you have already contacted our Support staff) and your Magic Puzzles ID.

And tap on Send. That's it! Our Development team will investigate the problem and come up with a solution asap.

If you have Kindle, please choose Gmail to send logs.




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    LaNae Keating

    I can not access all 4 levels. I have updated the app and still only have access to 2 levels (35 and 70). Please advise.

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    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    LaNae Keating, if you play on the phone, only these 2 levels are available. We hope to add more levels to the phone version in future updates. Thanks for waiting.

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    Harold M Friess

    I keep getting I need to log in to my Google account but I'am log in.

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    Jigsaw Puzzles Team
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