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The Magic Jigsaw Puzzles app is available on Android, Amazon, Windows 10/11, and Facebook.

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    I never get an answer and do not see any answers above, but I also need to sync from tablet to a new tablet and need to keep coins and points so PLEASE answer or put step by step instructions somewhere that everyone can see them. Thank you

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    Jim S

    How to sync started puzzle & points to another device?

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    Virginia ihli

    I agree with Mcclos143 you need to answer these questions or put instructions on here somewhere. I want to sync from my phone to my tablet.

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    Suzanne Grenier

    How do I sync my old tablet puzzle packs to my new tablet ?

  • Avatar

    Looks like everyone is asking the same question about syncing game from one device to another without an answer! Frustrating!

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    Jennifer Ott

    How I sync my tablet and my phone. Bought the ability to make my own puzzles but it's on my tablet a x can't use it on my phone.

  • Avatar
    Ilisma Louw

    how do i sync between my old and new phone.

  • Avatar
    Sylvia mitchell

    How do I sync between my devices.

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    How do I get my original puzzle game back? I tried to sync from my old tablet to new, but all I get is new puzzle.
    My original puzzle was ID 108963578.

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    Anna May Dewar

    I purchased the lifetime ad free all puzzles version and I got a new tablet. How do i get that back?

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