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Is Magic Puzzles app available for other devices?

Yes, we are glad to tell you that Magic Puzzles app is available for iOS, Android, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices. You can also play Magic Puzzles on Facebook.

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    I never get an answer and do not see any answers above, but I also need to sync from tablet to a new tablet and need to keep coins and points so PLEASE answer or put step by step instructions somewhere that everyone can see them. Thank you

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    Jim S

    How to sync started puzzle & points to another device?

  • Avatar
    Virginia ihli

    I agree with Mcclos143 you need to answer these questions or put instructions on here somewhere. I want to sync from my phone to my tablet.

  • Avatar
    Suzanne Grenier

    How do I sync my old tablet puzzle packs to my new tablet ?

  • Avatar

    Looks like everyone is asking the same question about syncing game from one device to another without an answer! Frustrating!

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Ott

    How I sync my tablet and my phone. Bought the ability to make my own puzzles but it's on my tablet a x can't use it on my phone.

  • Avatar
    Ilisma Louw

    how do i sync between my old and new phone.

  • Avatar
    Sylvia mitchell

    How do I sync between my devices.

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