Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

What is Energy for?

Starting from version 4.0.0 we have introduced a new section of the game - Jigsaw Puzze Feed which allows you to share your images with friends and complete the ones shared by them.

Solving one of your friends' puzzles requires 1 point of Energy. You can see the total you have in the right upper corner next to your level and coins in the game.

1 Energy point is restored within 3 hours. Note: energy is restored from 0 to 1 only. If you have more than 1 point it will stay the same.

You may purchase Energy points using coins or money.

Sometimes the app offers you free Energy for watching short videos. If you can't get free energy, it probably means that there are no available videos and they will appear later.


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    Jean Clark

    Why did it cost me 3 energy points to download 1 picture? It first charged me to download the picture, but it didn't download. Then I got charged 1 more point for it to actually download the picture. Then it charged me the third point when I clicked on the downloaded picture to solve the puzzle.

    Please restore the 2 extra points I was charged for the 1 picture.


    Jean Clark aka KozzyKitten2006

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    Stephanie Malatin

    It's not on the list. My question still is why do you have to use 100 coins for the second puzzle of the day???? I'm not going to do anymore of the daily puzzles till that changes. I'll just do mine till I don't have any more to do. Just sad because I really enjoy doing these puzzles

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    Stephanie Malatin

    I hope you' correct that and fix that soon

  • Avatar
    Joan Andrews

    Hi how come I don't have all the same features on my android app as my iPad app?

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