Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

What is Jigsaw Puzzle Feed?

Starting from version 4.0.0, we introduce the new social features that allow you to not only create and solve jigsaw puzzles of your own, but to share those puzzles with others.

Jigsaw puzzles created by your friends are waiting for you in the Jigsaw Puzzle Feed! Create and send wonderful mystery puzzles to your friends and enjoy doing puzzles that your friends shared with you.


The Jigsaw Puzzle Feed contains 4 sections: The Best, My Puzzles, Downloaded and Friends.


Would you like all Magic Puzzles players to see your beautiful photos? Share your puzzle with everyone and maybe your puzzle could be "Best in the World". Open The Best category (tap on a crown icon) and upload your picture tapping the + sign. Please note that in order to become visible to everyone a photo should be chosen from the best ones and needs to be approved first.


My Puzzles section allows you to publish your own images and share them with friends so they can solve them. To add a new picture tap "+", then create a new photo with your camera or select one from the Gallery:


After you publish the image, your Facebook friends will be able to see it in Friends section of Jigsaw Puzzle Feed. 


 To delete the publication, tap and hold the image, then tap the trash bin sign to complete the deletion:


Friends section allows you to solve puzzles shared by your friends on Facebook. The previews of all images are hidden. To see them, you need to complete a puzzle. 

Choose any friends' image and tap Download to upload it onto your device. Solving your friends' puzzles requires watching a short ad video.

After the image is downloaded tap Play to solve a mystery puzzle.You can like your friend's picture or write a comment in the text box next to the image. 


  All images you download from Feed are stored in Downloaded section so you can easily access them at any time. 




  • Avatar
    Taunja Carlisle

    When I add my photos for publication it says they are only published to friends only, even though I did not select "friends only".

  • Avatar
    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    Dear Taunja, please note that in order to become visible to everyone the photo should be chosen from among the best ones and needs to be approved first.

  • Avatar
    Karen Cloudus

    How do I share my puzzles with everyone? And how do I get my puzzle to be approved?

  • Avatar
    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    Hello, Karen. When you publish your puzzle it can be viewed by all friends at once, but to be seen by everyone it needs to be approved by our team. So if it's approved you will see your puzzle in the Best in the world section.
    If some of your photos didn't get into this section, probably these pictures don't have the best quality (not clear for example) or if Google finds several of the same images on other web pages.
    If none of this is the case, if your photos are clear and interesting, they have all the chances to get the status "Published for everyone".
    So you may try to load your pictures once again.

  • Avatar

    I am trying to set up my previous game to my new phone. Don't have WiFi available...I use my server..I have been playing for years and want my old game back!

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Malatin

    This really isn't about that category I'm still waiting for you to change having to spend 100 coins for the second puzzle of the day

  • Avatar
    Jo Behm Enright

    Can you please give me step by step instructions on how to log in to Facebook

  • Avatar

    Why can I not play my own photos that I put into magic puzzles from my photos stored on my SD card on my mobile. I have logged in but every time I select one of my photos a poxy screen pops up wanting me to trial VIP. Iam not interested in VIP. If I want to buy your puzzles then I will but not be forced to be VIP. ALSO, why can’t you have puzzles able to play offline so that people on long haul flights (9.5 hours) can play them.

  • Avatar
    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    Dear Customer, if you want to create puzzles from your photos via Feed section (which is free), please open Jigsaw Puzzle Feed section first (tap a globe icon as in the screenshot above).
    You can play most of puzzles offline. Please first make sure you downloaded the pack you want to complete puzzles from. Please note that Jigsaw Puzzles Feed category (and puzzles downloaded from there) is not available offline.

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