Magic Jigsaw Puzzles


We are glad to present a new in-game event to you — Championships! 🤗

During the championship, you compete with other players by solving puzzles and earning points. 
The championship icon appears on the collection page when a new championship becomes available IMG_0573.PNG 

There are several Leagues in the championship, and while the championship continues, you take different positions in the Leagues according to the number of points you get. The number next to the icon is your current position in the championship 🏆The more puzzle pieces you connect, the more points you receive (one puzzle piece = one point), and the higher the League you enter.


❗ You can receive additional points for solving puzzles with rotation and different piece shapes 🧩

The higher your position in the League, and the higher the League, the more rewards you get at the end of the Championship 😊
The Championship lasts 4 days, and then a new one starts in a day. 

🧩 You can edit your profile: username and avatar. To do it:
1. Tap on the Settings icon in the top right corner settings.png
2. Choose Account account.png
3. Click on the green button "Editing profile".

You can change a profile picture, enter your username, and choose a frame 🙌
4. Click "Apply" to accept changes.


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