Magic Jigsaw Puzzles


You can earn extra rewards for completing missions and getting achievements. Missions and achievements are located in a special section — Goals 

Solve puzzles, complete tasks, and get rewards 🤗 Missions and achievements vary in difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward 🙌



Apart from completing individual missions, you can unlock chests and get more rewards. Chests can be unlocked with keys that you collect for completing missions. Each chest requires a certain number of keys. The main chest requires 25 keys. ❗ Please note that every Monday, new chests appear, and the number of keys you've collected is reset to zero. 


Complete tasks and unlock achievements 🙌 The list includes a wide range of tasks from easy to hard. Some achievements can be unlocked in several steps. The number under the achievement icon shows how many steps the task includes. 


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