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We've totally updated our Puzzle Shop page design to make it easy to find puzzles you like!


The most popular puzzle packs and categories are now located at the top of the shop page.

You can easily navigate among different categories using the sidebar:



You can mark puzzle packs you like and then find them in your Wish List:



In the shop you can find collections of several puzzle packs sold at a good discount!



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    roberta lanning

    Why aren't I able to get the discounted puzzle packs? How do I get the new puzzle store? I've updated my app and not much has changed.

  • Avatar
    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    Dear Roberta, currently we are offering only puzzle sets with a discount. You can open Puzzle Shop by tapping on a shopping cart icon. If you need any assistance please submit a request in the app for our support team (tap on Settings Wheel icon in the right upper corner).

  • Avatar

    How do I get the two bars for the puzzle back that I used to have?

  • Avatar
    Elaine Schneider

    I have emailed you so many times now and I am getting really frustrated. I purchased the discount 9 pack, NATURAL VARIETY PACKAGE but have not received it . I paid $24.99 for it and the amount was taken out of my bank account on June 3rd. Now the pack is not even listed. Please respond!!!

  • Avatar
    Josefina Whitehead

    I cannot sign find the Restore Puzzles. I tapoed the menu button and i do not get that option.

  • Avatar
    Gwen Cornelius

    I buy 2 puzzles with my coins and they came up blank but took my coins

  • Avatar
    Gwen Cornelius

    Is there a number I can reach you at

  • Avatar
    Elizabeth McFall

    How do I change my payment method ba k details?

  • Avatar
    Elizabeth Mauney

    How do i reach sign in

  • Avatar
    Laura Wade-Dahlberg

    Even after signing in, I can't get any of the puzzle packs in the shop to open!
    I only have 4 puzzles left, & if the Puzzle Shop won't let me get any new packs, well I'll just have to redo ones I've done before....
    Description of issue: I tap on the 'box' of the set I'm interested in, instead of seeing the puzzles in the set, I see a blank page (just the colored background & Nothing else).

  • Avatar
    Francine coffey

    Can you go back to not showing the pictures before you do them. The one thing I really liked about this app was not seeing the pictures until I finished the puzzle. I liked being surprized

  • Avatar

    How do I change my debit card number?

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