Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Daily bonus

The new Daily Bonus has been introduced! turn over the cards and get gifts every day!

You may click on a gift icon to get the cards:


You can see items you may get for picking a card. Now you can receive for a daily bonus not only coins but stars as well:


Watch a short video first:


And then pick a card and get your prize:



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    Where do I find the icon for the daily bonus? I don't seem to have the icons to the right of the started puzzle icon.

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    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    Dear Customer, please submit a request in the app for our support team (tap on Settings Wheel icon in the right upper corner) and send a screenshot of the page you see after starting the app.

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    Kirstie Morrison

    New daily bonus is not working for me. The present icon is there but it does nothing. The watch a video screen appears occasionally but does nothing when I touch it

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    This daily bonus has never worked for me, since it started. The video won't play and I cannot pick a card

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    Karen King

    I cannot get the 'watch a short video' button to work either. I've logged in and updated my version. Is it because I haven't upgraded to the full version? Its a bit expensive for me but I love the game. Thank you
    Karen King

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