Magic Jigsaw Puzzles


Missions are tasks that give an extra opportunity to earn coins and stars for solving puzzles. The list of missions updates regularly, and every time you will see new and interesting missions. Complete them to get rewards! You'll get a special prize for completing 8 missions from the list – a treasure chest full of coins or stars!

Missions vary in difficulty and duration, e.g., some missions require solving puzzles with rotation and with a certain number of pieces. With regards to duration, some missions can be completed only within a short period of time, while others last up to 3 days.

To see the list of missions, tap the Chest icon at the top. chest.PNG

To start a mission, tap the Play button next to it.


Please note that a puzzle/number of pieces/rotation will be chosen automatically and can't be changed. The progress bar under the mission will update as you complete the task.

There is a Daily mission on the list of missions. This mission requires completing two puzzles of the current day – a regular daily puzzle and an extra (bonus) daily puzzle. These puzzles are from the current monthly pack.


Note: Missions become available only after you complete the first five puzzles. If you are new to the app/if you reinstall the app/if you change the device, missions will appear after you complete five puzzles.




  • Avatar
    Rosario Nina Ortiz

    I complete the daily puzzle mission, but they dont clear off the mission board. Because of that I lose the mission and dont receive "Complete a Puzzles" reward

  • Avatar
    Michelle Coleman

    What is needed to complete the daily puzzle challenge in the Missions section. It doesn't matter which number if pieces puzzle you pick on that date in the challenge it only completes half of the challenge requirement and doesn't give any idea on what else you need to do to finish the challenge.

  • Avatar
    Elizabeth West

    I got a new phone and when I reinstalled the app I can't find the chest icon

  • Avatar

    Same question as above. How do you complete the daily puzzle mission to get the reward?

  • Avatar

    I love the Missions you provide Daily. The only thing I request is that instead of using the bar scale saying how much is completed is to change or also add how many of the puzzles are completed. Examples: 1 / 10 or 5 / 10 Completed. Thank You

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