Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Monthly puzzle packs

Every month we release a free monthly pack that consists of regular daily puzzles and extra daily puzzles (60-62 puzzles). Monthly packs can be found in the Calendar category on your Collection page

This category includes all puzzle packs for previous months.

❗Please note that a monthly pack is free for download only during the month it is created for. Old monthly packs cost 3000 coins each.

Daily puzzles are available to all players. You can start solving a puzzle after watching a short video ad.
Extra puzzles are optional. You can open an extra puzzle only after completing a regular daily puzzle, and it can be unlocked in the following ways:

✅ Watch an ad
✅ Subscribe and unlock all extra puzzles at once
*if there are no ads available, you can unlock an extra puzzle for 100 coins

Note: monthly packs give free access to the current-day puzzles and puzzles for the three previous days. Puzzles for the past dates are available with Magic Puzzles VIP only.

Please follow the link to learn more about Magic Puzzles VIP:

However, already started and completed puzzles can be continued and replayed without a subscription. As soon as the current month ends, all previous puzzles in the pack for that month become unlocked. 


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    Dianna Mannolini

    The puzzles for the months are wrong. The month of June is missing

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