Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

What is the Club?

The Club club.PNG is a social feature that allows you to create and solve your own puzzles, share these puzzles with your friends and other puzzle players, and download and solve puzzles shared by your friends and other players. Please note that this feature is available only with the Facebook login.

The Club includes 4 sections: World, My Pics, Friends, and Downloaded.
- In the World section, you can see puzzles shared by other players.
- My Pics section contains the puzzles you create.
- In the Friends section, you can find puzzles shared by your friends who also play Magic Jigsaw Puzzles. The previews of shared puzzles are hidden until you complete a puzzle. If you like your friend's picture, you can like it or share it on Facebook. You can also write a comment in the textbox under the image.
- In the Downloaded section, all your downloaded puzzles are stored.

Solving a puzzle shared by another player is available after watching a short video.



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