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How do I transfer my game progress to a new device (same platform)?

To transfer your game progress, you need to log in on your new device to Google Play Market/Amazon Store with the same Google/Amazon account you used on your old device.

Also, please, log in to Magic Puzzles on your new device with the same details you used for registration in the app on your old device:

1) press the Settings icon in the upper right corner

2) Account

3) choose the option Login and enter your details

After that, your coins and level will appear on the new device. Puzzle packs can be restored to the My Collection page from the Puzzle shop in the My Packs category:

Unfortunately, created from your own photos, started, and downloaded from the Feed puzzles do not sync between devices.



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    Taloden 7

    I have a new device and I don't do Facebook. I am logged in. I am level 71 and have 6414 coins. I am missing all of my paid fot puzzle packs. Could you please reload them for me please.

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    I am trying to have my history and coins transferred to my new android phone...via gmail account.. the new phone registers the right gmail, but does not show the right info. Help! Thanks, Ned

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    This is my new tablet. I deleted my Facebook account several years ago. I just tried to make a new facebook account. I have tons of puzzles I have purchased from you. How do I transfer to this tablet?

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