Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

How do I find my Player ID

When you download the app, a game account is created for you, and you get a unique Player ID. It can be found in your account settings. ID helps us find a player's account in our database and check it if necessary.

To find your Player ID:

1) press the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen


2) Account

Scroll the page a bit down to find your Magic Puzzles ID.

3) ID

Please note: this is an example of how to find your ID — your Player ID is a series of different numbers.


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    I have sent 2 other requests and have not gotten any help, I have a new samsung galaxy tab a I have tried several times to get my purchases in this device but can not get them. I watched a lot of ads to earn those puzzle packs and spent more eye on some why do I not get any assistance? My accou t #145918682. I realize you have made changes in you format but please assist me.

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    طارق كامل


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