Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

I purchased a puzzle pack/puzzle collection but didn't receive it

If you don't see the pack/puzzle collection you purchased in your Collection, please download it in the following way:

- open the Puzzle shop:


- click on the button in the bottom left corner:


- My Purchases:


- find the pack/packs you bought and download it/them:




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    Rebecca Davison

    What package did i purchase 11/30/2019 @ 11:20pm

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    Jamie Bowen

    I purchased a puzzle pack special 20 puzzles + 20 puzzles + 20 puzzles + 4000 coins for $1.99. I only received coins. Then got a message the puzzle pack you purchased could not be found 3 times. I don't see them shown to download manually what do I need to do to get them?

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