Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

How do I restore paid purchases (Magic Puzzles VIP, Gold Deal, All Inclusive)?

1. Make sure that you are logged in on your device with the same Google or Amazon account (if you use Kindle device) you used for the original purchase.
2. Open the app and tap on the Puzzle Shop (shopping cart icon):


- Categories (three horizontal lines in the bottom left corner):


- My Purchases category:


3. Push Restore all paid downloads green button:




  • Avatar

    I did This process and it didn't restore the purchases
    I made this week.

  • Avatar
    Nancy Melman

    Nothing will open. Deleted the app and reinstalled but my puzzles are gone.

  • Avatar
    Elaine Anderson

    I have followed this process and still do not have Gold Deal. I have to watch ads. I have restore all purchases, not restore paid purchases. I am logged on via Facebook. I really do not want to pay again.

  • Avatar

    Have not gotten my VIP pack and accumulated points.

  • Avatar

    I have done all the steps but I am still in AD MODE.
    I have had no ad all inclusive for my phone for many year's but last update put me back in AD MODE will only one tray and having ad's . Please have someone answer thar can help not qoute stock answers.

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