Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

How do I transfer my game progress to a new device (different platform)?

Please note that synchronization of the app between devices with a different OS is possible via Facebook only.

1) Please make sure that you are logged in to the app itself on your device:

- tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner

- Account


- choose the Login with Facebook option 


* If you are already logged in to the app, on the Account page, you will see your Facebook name.

2) Then, use the same Facebook to log in to the app on your other device.

3) After that, your coins and level will appear on the new device.

Puzzle packs can be restored to the My Collection page from the Puzzle shop, the My Packs category. 

❗Unfortunately, purchases like the Gold deal, All-Inclusive, and No Ads offer can't be transferred to a device with a different OS, only to the same one.
Please also note that some packs were created only for one platform, and they can't be restored on a different one.
Created from your own photos, started, and downloaded from the Feed, puzzles do not sync between devices.


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