Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

About puzzle packs

You can get puzzles in our Shop  There are free and paid puzzle packs in the Shop. For your convenience, puzzle packs are arranged into categories. To open the categories, tap on the Categories button in the bottom left corner. categories.PNG

Paid puzzle packs can be purchased with game coins or real money. Choose a pack you like, tap on the Get It button, get_it.PNG and then choose the payment method. Please note that some puzzle packs can only be bought with real money, so they do not have a price in coins.

Free packs: free packs are marked FREE in the Shop —they do not have prices. You won't be charged for downloading them. 


In the Shop, you can also add a pack to your Wish List and purchase it later.

To add a pack to the Wish List, tap on the heart symbol, heart.PNG and it will appear in the Wish List category. WL.png


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