Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

What do I do if I lost my packs?

If your puzzle packs are missing from the collection page, please check the My Packs category in the Puzzle shop:
1) go to the Puzzle Shop puzzle_shop.PNG

2) press the Categories button in the bottom left corner categories.PNG
3) choose My Packs Screenshot_20220609-163212_Magic_Puzzles_-_Copy.jpg
4) you need to find the packs on the list under the Restore purchases  button Screenshot_20220609-163729_Magic_Puzzles_-_Copy.jpg
5) tap the Download/Restore button on the packs

If your packs are not showing in My Packs, please make sure that you are logged in to the app with the same details you used for registration. Please follow the link to learn more:

After that, please check if the packs appeared in My Packs.


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