Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

What to do if puzzles freeze/move slowly or pieces are jerky?

If your puzzle pieces freeze, please try the following:
1) delete as many packs from your collection page as possible, eg. completed packs from the Completed folder and any unnecessary packs. To delete a pack from your collection, please tap and hold the pack, then press the trash bin icon. You can restore them later from the Puzzle shop, the My Packs category.

2) delete as many completed puzzles (downloaded puzzles in the Club and created via My Photos) as possible. Such puzzles can't be restored later, unfortunately.
a) To delete a downloaded puzzle in the Club:
- tap and hold any puzzle to bring the delete option
- tap the puzzle you want to delete to put a checkmark on it
- press the trash bin icon to remove the puzzle
b) to delete a puzzle in My Photos, tap and hold it, then press the delete button.

3) when you play Magic Puzzles, please close all the other apps that are opened in the background

4) if you have little free space on your device, we recommend deleting all unnecessary apps from your device to free up space (if it is possible)


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