Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

How do I send a log file?

A log file is a data file that contains records about your activity in the app, events, and other tech info.

It can be sent from the app:

- Tap the Settings icon (a gear icon) in the upper right corner of the My collection page:


- Tap About

- then on the "Support" button.


Choose Gmail to send a message.

- You'll see the form with attached logs. Add a short description of the problem and your Magic Puzzles ID.

- tap on "Send".

Please also don't forget about the subject of the message.


If you have Kindle, please choose Gmail to send logs.








  • Avatar
    LaNae Keating

    I can not access all 4 levels. I have updated the app and still only have access to 2 levels (35 and 70). Please advise.

  • Avatar
    Jigsaw Puzzles Team

    LaNae Keating, if you play on the phone, only these 2 levels are available. We hope to add more levels to the phone version in future updates. Thanks for waiting.

  • Avatar
    Harold M Friess

    I keep getting I need to log in to my Google account but I'am log in.

  • Avatar
    Jigsaw Puzzles Team
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